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Created in a curvilinear style our products are instantly recognisable and are designed to be mixed and matched with complete ease. We are an independent supply only company and not an agency that buys in an eclectic range from abroad or a company that copies designs by others. Instead we offer original and current products, designed for real situations at realistic prices.


We design everything in house to retain a kind of elegant simplicity combined with high build quality and meticulous detailing. Our products are different enough to offer a cheaper alternative to bespoke yet still contribute to the identity of your scheme without being too revolutionary, risky or outlandish - they will stand the test of time. All items are easy to specify and straightforward to install and we are very happy to discuss any modifications that you may have in mind.


Environmentally responsible. Our managing director, Richard Woolerton, comes from a landscape design background and is intrinsically aware of the importance of sustainability in the built and natural environment. We understand all the benefits to be had from using sustainable and well designed objects to help raise the quality and character of a particular environment whether in a modern or historical setting.

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Established for near on 20 years we are UK company located in Bristol harbourside's creative quarter, Spike Island. We specialize in a simple range of beautiful & robust quality items of street furniture that we design, sell and distribute directly to our customers. 

As part of our business expansion and revamp in 2016 SFWks is the new name for the old Voss Street Furniture.

Many thousands of our products have been supplied, tried, tested and developed over the past 19 years and are very well regarded with architects, landscape architects, engineers and project managers.

Fabrication & Service

Our main production and warehouse facilities are in Fishponds Bristol and we have very close ties with an excellent set of local companies for more specialist work - many of which have been involved since the early days. Prices are competitive and our service is accountable - you are never pushed from pillar to post and are always given straight honest answers even if it may be at the expense of not receiving an order.

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We try to keep our supply chains a short as we can and we always keep an eye on unnecessary overheads. We are committed to using only high quality materials and do not skimp on the thickness of steel or quality of timber that we use. This enables our street furniture to be great value for money, especially when set against other products that just do not last as long or are uneconomic to be refurbished.

Who we supply

We appeal to a broad range of specifiers and customers from all over the UK serving small local authorities to large private housing developments, city centre refurbishments and retail parks. We export to EC countries only.

We have recently been supplying lots of Bentlie seats, Ellipse bins and Cirque cycle stands to prestigeous residential schemes in London such as Vista Chelsea Bridge, Aberfeldy Village, Goodman's Field and Maple Quays. Media City in Salford have hundreds of our Crossbar cycle stands and over 50 Bertie seats went into the major new River Ness Flood Alleviation scheme in Inverness. You will also see many of our timber Ellipse litter bins used in a number of central England retail parks as part of their recent refurbishment by English Land. And look out for lots of examples installed in one off projects in pockets all over London and the south east and in our regional town and and city centres lately including Stevenage, Dudley, Reading, Chorley, Bristol, Swansea and Cardiff.